Thursday, May 12, 2005


What we have expected for a while has happened. After a protest in Denmark in October 2003, Greenpeace, as an organization, was yesterday indicted (Danish text) according to the Danish anti-terror laws.

During the protest against genetic manipulation (GM) activists broke into the agriculture industry’s main office in Copenhagen and left a banner, an act previously resulting in individual fines for the activists. But with the new laws it is possible to charge an organization for misdemeanors committed by its members.

This follows several indictments against Greenpeace internationally in recent years, one following a protest against rainforest timber.

Aware people have wondered how long it would take for the masters to go after the environmentalists wholesale, and with this and recent renewed attacks on Greenpeace, a major environmental organization, one can certainly be assured that open season has begun. Tough, new measures have been used against individuals in most countries worldwide in recent years. Now, the masters make another bid to stifle all public debate.

Greenpeace has both participated in and instigated anti-war protests after the 9/11-conspiracy, and thereby raised the wrath of the Bush administration even further. Greenpeace also heavily opposes the Alaskan oil pipeline, another of George W. Bush’s pet projects. One should also see yesterday’s Danish indictment in this light. This is clearly a coordinated effort.

Another major factor is the REACHinfo project, (partly Danish text) where several environmental organizations have joined to offer a critical look at a series of new EU-laws designed to «regulate» the use of chemicals. Greenpeace Denmark plays a major role in this concentrated attempt at revealing yet another EU-commission duplicity. No matter which government we’re talking about, they’re eagerly supporting and abetting the attack on all true opposition.

The masters’ patience with all environmental opposition is clearly at an end. No one, not organizations, not individuals, has ever made a serious dent in civilization’s wholesale destruction of Life on Earth. Now, even this minor resistance is being stopped cold.

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