Saturday, May 07, 2005


Behind the fake news perpetuated by the fourth estate.

How much shit do the «voters» need to know about one person or one group of people before acting on it.

Tony Blair, also called Teflon Tony, for his ability to dodge criticism was once again elected Prime Mini$ter of Great Britain. All politicians lie, and they’ve done so for a long time, but Teflon Tony is exceptional, even among his peers.

Now, all the three major players in the aftermath of the 9/11 farce, have been re-elected. George W Bush, John Howard and Tony Blair. Their lies, out in the open public space, proven beyond doubt didn’t and don’t make people act. Not even such obvious breaches of trust can make even a bigger minority, and far less the majority realize the truth about the ongoing masquerade. One is forced to wonder what will, to what length people are willing to go to forget about it all.

I don’t believe in democracy. I think it is a tyranny of the majority, at best. At worst it’s the obvious tyranny of the minority. It is a deception of the first order. And we’ve seen that demonstrated time and time again. Lately we’ve seen it even more often than usual.


It’s important to be aware that this isn’t about individuals, even though I do think that each individual is responsible for his or her actions. If Blair, Bush or Howard and all the rest had lost, there would be scores of other tyrants willing to fill their spot. It’s about the system, about the absolute futility of participating in it. It’s about removing the blindfolds, opening your eyes and take in the world, not the illusion. The guys in question are merely janitors, only one wheel driving the bigger wheel, easily supplanted in the scheme of things. Protesters may fill the street and call for a janitor’s removal. They might do so time and time again. When Labour is unpopular, the Conservatives are brought to power, and visa versa. When Republicans are out, the Democrats are in.

And nothing truly changes.

The ongoing deception is merely singing a new verse.

And, as things sometimes go, if one of the smaller parties grows big enough to take power, they show themselves to be no different. Because that particular party, and its people, have been shaped by the same forces that have prevailed for so long.

And nothing truly changes. Nothing truly important. Nothing that can ever return true freedom to humanity, the freedom lost at the beginning of civilization itself, when institutionalized oppression began.

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