Sunday, May 01, 2005

After Witchnight

I woke up, now after just four hours of sleep, widely awake. There was no tiredness in my eyes, not even remotely anything resembling morning sleepy eyes.

After a Journey just as valuable as a physical one, we all woke up beyond refreshed. We experience the Other World still. Every time we focus on a different point it's There, in a completely different way than it usually is, far more solid, far more mist. It sort of reminds me of the first time I took lsd. I felt weird for days then, because I didn't quite know what it was, but now I know, and the weirdness is weird in a sort of known way. And it feels beyond great.

A "discussion" I've had on the web with a bunch of wicca fluffy bunnies about christianity is already far beyond me, the irritation faded before it began.

After a while, walking at night, you practically feel the branches and the roots before you and you stumble no more.

Witchnight, Beltane is an ancient night, one of Magick and rebellion and variety and Life and Fire. It is a dangerous night for the defenders of Status Quo, because nothing is static this night. Everything is fluid, and all participants say at least a temporary farewell to the life they have led. Some of them run screaming back to their so-called safe womb, but others keep seeking, and are Changed forever.

Some people calling themselves witches are sadly so entrenched in normalcy, in the mundane pursuits of current existence that they hardly even touch the ancient power. They even accept, horrible as that is, christianity as a way of life, to the point of them practically being christians themselves.

But those of us that go Deep can never do that, can never accept institutionalized oppression and a teaching destroying everything making life worth living.

So we seek the shadows, and on nights such as these we find it, find it both outside and inside ourselves. We celebrate Life and Fire in all its forms - undiluted.

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