Saturday, May 21, 2005

A London Poem

I’m walking down
Charing Cross Road
An early day in spring
I notice the scents
Lingering in the air
I feel them invade
My very being
So many
Of the spices of life
Are present here
On these many spots

The girl looked
At her face in the pond
It was the eyes
The eyes that
More than anything
Made her face
«They’re really something
Aren’t they?»
The older woman
In the mirror said
«It’s like they are
The entire face
Like pools of dark blood
Rising from our depths»

This place of places
Is coming to me slowly
Like a warm, pervasive
Prevalent wave
I notice the old things
I awake from my slumber
I notice everything new
I find what I’m looking for
I find what I keep yearning for
The Shadow grows from me
Reaching out where I
Can feel and touch it
I know again
What I’ve never forgotten

There are old structures
Not structures at all
In human life
The walls certainly not walls
Keep whispering to us
From corners, edges and shadows
Ghosts cry to us
From the realms
Distant and close
Opening us
To all things

I reach out
And grab the flow of spices
And even though
It keeps flowing
Through my fingers
While I weep
It burns my skin
And touches my Self
As never before
I sit on a bench
On Leicester Square
Enjoying the lovely evening
Fluttering birds’ wings
Flap and stir the air
Surrounding us

I walk through the forest at night
The ancient, eternal forest
A girl sits by the fire
I am approaching her
Or I sit by the fire
And she’s approaching me
I can never tell
We swim through the Serpentine
All of us
All of us out here
On the Freedom Road

These walls are not walls
But mist and shadow
Not concrete and solid form
But strands of night and fire
There is a house somewhere
A house of horrors
A house of joys
Peeling off modern human armor
Like one would do an orange
Devouring it like
One would an apple
The perceived horrors of freedom
Open wide the secrets
Buried in humanity’s past
Opening us to the world
To the world again

So we come here
To these intersections
These crossroads of choice
Seeking what we already have
Finding what we’ve already found
Realization is a powerful force
In human life
All journeys go everywhere
All travel is inside
So I walk these streets
Hunt these forests
In search for what
Will always be here

A good Journey
Stays with you forever
It echoes like thunder
Through eternity
Dreams are what happen
When imagination
Wants to meet reality

I can taste every grain of salt
Every single flavor
On my tongue
Experience every wave
Assaulting me
The air surrounding me
Is aflame with life

The morning commuters
Look like corpses
As usual
Like skeletons without flesh
Covered in skin
I have been up all night
And still look as fresh
As a flower

I have been here
Only forty-eight hours…

Amos Keppler
The City of Cities
May 17-19, 2005

I'm still out there, on the Freedom Road
My feet are still firmly and unusually
Planted on its fluid ground.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Diary of a Traveling Man
- Amos ShadowWalker May 2005

«When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford».

Samuel Johnson

I’m back, back in the City of Cities, in London, walking its streets, taking in its moods and life. I don’t like cities very much, but London is an exception, to the point that it hardly feels like a city at all. It is a place for Travelers and Artists, a melting pot of cultures and viewpoints, a fiery enjoyment of life very few other places within civilization can offer.

«Travel is victory», a Bedouin proverb says. That makes sense. The remnants of the Bedouins are among the last, remaining nomads on Earth. Traveling is a victory in itself. Just by traveling we expand our mind and are closer to the Earth and ourselves. Because we are natural nomads. This is who we are. And it’s lost, yet another part of humanity’s natural life lost in the superficial existence of civilization.

Walking through the streets and shadows of London is a Journey, a Journey into Mystery, into the deeper, precious parts of a human being. Make no mistake about it: London is also civilization, with its gray, alienating environment, hostile to Life. But beneath that, in the corners and shadows, there is More. It is a place of antiquity and mystery, and thereby closer to the human roots than other cities.

London is an experience. It’s a place you keep returning to, because there is always something new there for the Seeker to learn. Poetry and all creation come easy to me here. Life comes easy. And you hardly have to seek to find alternative spots, other people distancing themselves from this current age of oppression.

I remember myself every time I come here. I think I haven’t forgotten, but I have: Forgotten how it is to be Human. I wake up from the slumber of current human existence. Everything, body and mind and soul works better. Knowledge and understanding burn in your gut. The spice of life tears in your nostril the moment you hit these streets, this forest of inspiration, this abundance of Life and Fire. I remember ancient times, and I discard the waste of civilization smothering me like a blanket of ashes.

It’s like I’ve never been away.

«He who isn’t busy being born, is busy dying» - Bob Dylan

Thursday, May 12, 2005


What we have expected for a while has happened. After a protest in Denmark in October 2003, Greenpeace, as an organization, was yesterday indicted (Danish text) according to the Danish anti-terror laws.

During the protest against genetic manipulation (GM) activists broke into the agriculture industry’s main office in Copenhagen and left a banner, an act previously resulting in individual fines for the activists. But with the new laws it is possible to charge an organization for misdemeanors committed by its members.

This follows several indictments against Greenpeace internationally in recent years, one following a protest against rainforest timber.

Aware people have wondered how long it would take for the masters to go after the environmentalists wholesale, and with this and recent renewed attacks on Greenpeace, a major environmental organization, one can certainly be assured that open season has begun. Tough, new measures have been used against individuals in most countries worldwide in recent years. Now, the masters make another bid to stifle all public debate.

Greenpeace has both participated in and instigated anti-war protests after the 9/11-conspiracy, and thereby raised the wrath of the Bush administration even further. Greenpeace also heavily opposes the Alaskan oil pipeline, another of George W. Bush’s pet projects. One should also see yesterday’s Danish indictment in this light. This is clearly a coordinated effort.

Another major factor is the REACHinfo project, (partly Danish text) where several environmental organizations have joined to offer a critical look at a series of new EU-laws designed to «regulate» the use of chemicals. Greenpeace Denmark plays a major role in this concentrated attempt at revealing yet another EU-commission duplicity. No matter which government we’re talking about, they’re eagerly supporting and abetting the attack on all true opposition.

The masters’ patience with all environmental opposition is clearly at an end. No one, not organizations, not individuals, has ever made a serious dent in civilization’s wholesale destruction of Life on Earth. Now, even this minor resistance is being stopped cold.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


People are growing desperate...
May 11, 2005

Will wrapping a glacier in PVC stop it from melting?

Alok Jha
Thursday April 14, 2005
The Guardian

Yes. Next month, 32,000 sq ft of the Gurschen glacier in Switzerland will be swathed in a half-inch-thick PVC coat in an attempt to halt its continuing decline.

According to a study by scientists at Zurich University, the glaciers in Europe are receding at an alarming rate. They predict that 70% of Switzerland's glaciers will have melted over the next 30 years and blame increasing summer temperatures, due to global climate change.

To stem the melting, the Swiss will try to protect the Gurschen glacier from the harsh rays of the sun."You have to reflect as much [radiation] as possible," says Magnus Magnusson, general secretary of the International Glaciological Society. "I assume they would be using white material with a high reflectance."

It's not the first time that a plan like this has been proposed: covering icebergs in plastic to stop them melting was also mooted in plans for towing ice from the poles to provide desert areas with fresh water.

The PVC method also mimics a more natural situation where, sometimes, glaciers or ice fields are covered in gravel or other debris. "The gravel insulates the ice from the atmosphere," says Magnusson, and that prevents it from melting.

Some scientists argue that maintaining the world's glaciers is important because, by reflecting away lots of the sun's radiation, they play a vital role in keeping the Earth's temperature down.

But Magnusson says that covering a small part of Switzerland is unlikely to make much difference to the rest of the world.

"Antarctica is the major ice mass and then you have the Arctic and then Greenland," he says. "The glaciers in Switzerland, yes they're important for the local climate, but the proportion of ice in central Europe is rather minuscule compared to the rest of the world."

Green groups are also critical of the PVC plan because, they say, it focuses resources too heavily on the symptoms, rather than the causes, of climate change.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Behind the fake news perpetuated by the fourth estate.

How much shit do the «voters» need to know about one person or one group of people before acting on it.

Tony Blair, also called Teflon Tony, for his ability to dodge criticism was once again elected Prime Mini$ter of Great Britain. All politicians lie, and they’ve done so for a long time, but Teflon Tony is exceptional, even among his peers.

Now, all the three major players in the aftermath of the 9/11 farce, have been re-elected. George W Bush, John Howard and Tony Blair. Their lies, out in the open public space, proven beyond doubt didn’t and don’t make people act. Not even such obvious breaches of trust can make even a bigger minority, and far less the majority realize the truth about the ongoing masquerade. One is forced to wonder what will, to what length people are willing to go to forget about it all.

I don’t believe in democracy. I think it is a tyranny of the majority, at best. At worst it’s the obvious tyranny of the minority. It is a deception of the first order. And we’ve seen that demonstrated time and time again. Lately we’ve seen it even more often than usual.


It’s important to be aware that this isn’t about individuals, even though I do think that each individual is responsible for his or her actions. If Blair, Bush or Howard and all the rest had lost, there would be scores of other tyrants willing to fill their spot. It’s about the system, about the absolute futility of participating in it. It’s about removing the blindfolds, opening your eyes and take in the world, not the illusion. The guys in question are merely janitors, only one wheel driving the bigger wheel, easily supplanted in the scheme of things. Protesters may fill the street and call for a janitor’s removal. They might do so time and time again. When Labour is unpopular, the Conservatives are brought to power, and visa versa. When Republicans are out, the Democrats are in.

And nothing truly changes.

The ongoing deception is merely singing a new verse.

And, as things sometimes go, if one of the smaller parties grows big enough to take power, they show themselves to be no different. Because that particular party, and its people, have been shaped by the same forces that have prevailed for so long.

And nothing truly changes. Nothing truly important. Nothing that can ever return true freedom to humanity, the freedom lost at the beginning of civilization itself, when institutionalized oppression began.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


«You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time».
Abraham Lincoln

This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

They lie to us, from the moment we come into this world. The government lies. Our parents lie, at the very least by proxy, since they’re convinced the liars speak the truth. Our professed teachers lie through their teeth, as they tell us they are teaching us about the world. The lie today is so profound, and reaches so far that even the truth is a lie.

The claim is that we live in the best possible world, that the politicians, the executives and the police, to mention a few want to do what’s best for us. There are some snags, of course, but all in all… we are now very close to the paradise they’ve always promised us.

While we’re toiling under the whip.

While we’re struggling to survive another day.

While we’re being suckered by another slick tongue.

Just a few thousand years more, and we’re there.

They tell us that the world is basically just, and if we just work hard and accept our lot in life, we will live long and prosper. They tell us with a straight face that the fact that some people are rich and powerful is how it’s supposed to be, that we’re all better off for it. It’s obvious that freedom can exist in a place where uniformed bullies break the skulls and beat the living daylights out of thinking, independent individuals every time they attempt to show us what the world is truly like. We believe that sending a bunch of trained thugs and murderers out to kill children in the name of democracy is perfectly all right. We believe them because we want to, because the truth is too terrible to contemplate. We are taught to sucker ourselves until we no longer know truth from lie, fact from fiction.

And when someone does manage to tell us this self-evident truth… somehow… usually under the gun or a bloody club, we condemn them in the strongest possible way.

This is the world of today, the world the human beings have created for themselves. Radical change is clearly needed. But when we speak up and act against the tyrants disguising themselves as benevolent leaders, those very tyrants and their eager servants tell us that we are terrorists, criminals, murderers and thieves. And most people believe them. Yeah, even we believe them. There are few of us, after all, and the others are many. The majority is always right… right?

And the majority usually stays silent today. They are being good sheep, and that’s all that’s required of them.

This is the world today. Be welcome to it, because you have created it. You keep it going with your silence, your inactivity and your condemnations of the few freedom fighters there are.

The slick tyrants may on occasion even lie to us by telling us the truth, and we are fooled by the smallest of mirrors.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

After Witchnight

I woke up, now after just four hours of sleep, widely awake. There was no tiredness in my eyes, not even remotely anything resembling morning sleepy eyes.

After a Journey just as valuable as a physical one, we all woke up beyond refreshed. We experience the Other World still. Every time we focus on a different point it's There, in a completely different way than it usually is, far more solid, far more mist. It sort of reminds me of the first time I took lsd. I felt weird for days then, because I didn't quite know what it was, but now I know, and the weirdness is weird in a sort of known way. And it feels beyond great.

A "discussion" I've had on the web with a bunch of wicca fluffy bunnies about christianity is already far beyond me, the irritation faded before it began.

After a while, walking at night, you practically feel the branches and the roots before you and you stumble no more.

Witchnight, Beltane is an ancient night, one of Magick and rebellion and variety and Life and Fire. It is a dangerous night for the defenders of Status Quo, because nothing is static this night. Everything is fluid, and all participants say at least a temporary farewell to the life they have led. Some of them run screaming back to their so-called safe womb, but others keep seeking, and are Changed forever.

Some people calling themselves witches are sadly so entrenched in normalcy, in the mundane pursuits of current existence that they hardly even touch the ancient power. They even accept, horrible as that is, christianity as a way of life, to the point of them practically being christians themselves.

But those of us that go Deep can never do that, can never accept institutionalized oppression and a teaching destroying everything making life worth living.

So we seek the shadows, and on nights such as these we find it, find it both outside and inside ourselves. We celebrate Life and Fire in all its forms - undiluted.