Thursday, April 14, 2005


The Nomad is crossing the land, crossing this world and the Other. There is no limit to where the wanderlust may bring him or her. It is something fundamental this, this our ability and need for change, for variety, for seeking the unknown and different. It’s true for a number of areas in our lives. Art, philosophy, and quite simply how we live our lives. It’s directly relevant to everything, really, every aspect of existence.

A society with a justified pride in itself and its works doesn’t merely accept variety, but encourages it.

What is an artist worth, if he or she never changes approach, always stick to the same formula, making their work stale and predictable? A story, a true piece of art or an artistic image isn’t truly any of that if the artist behind it isn’t forever seeking, forever breaking new ground, within or without. An artist is a Storyteller, and the Story burns in the gut of everybody creating it, everybody experiencing it.

Life is a Story, and it isn’t lived by standing still. «A person who isn’t busy being born, is busy dying». That is such a great saying, one of the most important and fundamental ever expressed.

There are people, so-called successful people that claim to be moving, but they are not, really. They are merely bragging, trying to make up for everything they’ve lost on their way to the top of the heap. A Nomad can never be an executive or similar, successful in this current world of pale shadows. It’s just a deceit, a mirage, easily going up in smoke when being confronted.

Life happens in the true shadows of existence, and it doesn’t need proof, manifestations of its greatness.

We were Nomads once, wanderers living off the land, predators piercing reality itself, and we are Nomads still, even though it’s buried beneath thick layers of sleep, dust and living death. The Nomad wasn’t made for this current unexciting world, wasn’t made for civilization, a society destroying everything making life worth living.

The Nomad is us, is the Human Being unleashed and unbowed, living beyond all boundaries and borders.

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