Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Strands of night and fire, a cry from the wilderness.

This is all from a different viewpoint. What you will read here is strands of night and fire, a cry from the wilderness.

This is east of the moon, west of the sun. A fire burning in eternity.
And it's burning in you, too. Feel it!

On this night, the 14th night in the year 12060, in the fifth year in the age of the Twilight Storm.

What are we Human Beings? What are we really? What we see today, is that reality or just a cleverly woven illusion, to keep us from experiencing the larger, fuller reality?

I know it isn't. I know reality is so much more than what we are told and sold in the present day world. Read this. Read it backwards, read it upside down, and join me, out here, on Freedom Road.

I'm Amos Keppler. I'm a Storyteller. This is my world.


Ardeth said...

I don't know what to say, other than I want you to write more. Don't stop. Know that I am reading this, even if you think no one else is. Refreshing, interesting, intruiging...


I believe the fire burning in me. I enjoyed this imensely.