Thursday, January 27, 2005

A brief note about the Asian tsunami and its implications.

Ripening the last month...

One thing that is exposed ruthlessly on such occasions is modern humans’ lack of ability to survive during extreme circumstances. Several local and international newspapers asked the question how «rational man» would die in droves, while primitive tribes hardly had any casualties at all. One particular tribe, very close to the epicenter didn’t have any deaths at all during the tsunami, a few during the earthquake. They just buried their food, ran for the hills, and after the wave had hit quite simply returned and dug up their food. They knew survival. It has been instilled in them from early age. Civilized man hasn’t just lost something, but a lot. This is just one of the more distinct results of humanity attempting to leave nature. We all know that’s impossible (good), but we keep making the attempt anyway.

Another horrific display in the wake of the «disaster» is the works of the overgrown tribe that is the current national and global «community», and all its «leaders» (janitors) attempting to set themselves up as chief mourners, wanting us all to care for people we have never met, and have no emotional connection to. As with any modern major «accident», this is merely another way of controlling a disparate population, of course. Sorrow is a powerful tool of control. They want us to unite against the «enemy» (nature). Don’t fall for it.

In closing: Civilization is coming apart at the seams, and that fact is a very good thing. The very concept of civilization was a mistake from the start, and it has grown bigger as civilization, in ever more invasive ways is destroying life on Earth, making humans less human, making life... less life, lessening it in every way, threatening to destroy everything.


Unknown said...

America, having killed more than 100,000 human beings in Iraq since March 2003 according to The Lancet, must be the ideal player to give large-scale relief to the muslim countries affected by the tsunami.

That is so full of shit.

And civilized man, rational man, whatever, is the only creature on earth who'd sit glued to the TV for two weeks watching waves, just because waves was all there were.

That is so full of...
You know.

Tarna said...

I agree with you, but is writing and bytching about it enough? I say this because I write and write to myself, to the my govt, other govts, to anyone who will listen, and it does not seem to cause the slightest of dents....I go to protests, meetings. I have 13 years of military service and have even taken the ridicule of my friends and the accusations of being unpatriotic.
As individuals, we can live our lives by instinct, the natural way. We can live honourably. We can live in harmony with the planet and all who inhabit it. Maybe even form a community of like minded souls. You say you live on the outskirts, in the wilderness. I know what you mean by this...I have been told I can be antisocial, but is there not more that can be done? Knowing and doing seem to me, to be two different things......What we do as individuals, can that little ripple, that steady pulsating ball of energy that we are and that we create, get larger and stronger along as it travels like the tsnmami?

Amos Keppler said...

Hi, Tarna. Great hearing from you.
I agree. Writing/thinking is just the first step. It's worthless without action, without forming those truly alternative communities, without making ourselves ready for what is coming, come what may.