Friday, May 29, 2020

The gross, dangerous fallacy of the non-violent fighters of oppression

  The non-violence movement has been a disaster from start to finish in the struggle for freedom. It has aided tyranny in its divide-and-conquer strategy in an active and obvious way. Its proponents aid the police when the police beat up protesters and crush their skulls, by blaming the protesters, calling them violent for being beaten up.
  It’s so obvious even, such a self-evident display of manufactured consent.
  I’ve attended countless protests, and I’ve never seen protesters attacking the police. That would also be extremely silly, with the police wearing armor and carrying guns and clubs and having all the advantages on their side. Protesters, as a general rule, at least the true protesters fighting a thoroughly unjust and brutal society, aren’t stupid.
  Non-violent rebellion may have some value as a short-term tactic, but certainly not as a long-term strategy.
  The only country where non-violence has even remotely "worked" is in India, and that is because there were 600 million Indian citizens against only 600 000 British occupiers.
  Lasting non-violent tactics play by the rules of the Enemy, the rules of engagement carefully chosen by the oppressive society to paralyze a given movement.
  No true rebel movement should deselect any given weapon at its disposal. The odds are certainly against us already.
  It is so very important to disregard any definition of good behavior coming from the establishment. A protest where the police are smiling afterwards is not a protest, but an exercise in conformity, futility, servility and obedience.

  Yes, all the great heroes of the «non-violence movement» were wrong.
  I still see many of them as great people, though. Anyone putting themselves in harm’s way fighting oppression is.

  «A riot is the language of the unheard». Martin Luther King

Friday, May 22, 2020

Watchdogs 2

  A considerable number of a given population takes active part in the suppression of free thought. If you speak on the phone or just have a conversation about a perceived controversial or radical subject on the bus or in public in general, you’re often told to not do so. That isn’t because you speak aloud or anything. You’re not told to lower your voice, but told specifically to not speak about that subject. Even if people don’t voice their displeasure, they still stare at you with angry eyes, and the threat of violence might be both implied and executed.
  It might concern a number of subjects, like the insanity of being a NATO-member, a war-supporter, the ongoing massive pollution, the climate change, the Mass Extinction Event, racism, inequality, injustice, wage slavery, modern slavery…
  Stuff like that.
  Like Stephen Biko pointed out; the ordinary men and women, the minds of the oppressed are tyranny’s first line of defense against those who would oppose it. They’ve been successfully brainwashed, subjected to pervasive establishment propaganda, to manufactured consent from the cradle. How can you tell? It’s quite easy, really. They keep using establishment talking points, doing so practically in every second sentence or so. I guess this is more obvious to an author, to one who is trained in interpreting texts, but everyone should easily see it. Those not doing so are clearly a part of the herd themselves. This is not rocket science, but self-evident facts.
  I have written before about the need for encouraging critical thinking in any given society, and to fight hard for it in a society like ours, where those in charge are clearly not interested in doing anything like that. They want people to be eager, supportive mules, and in that, they’ve pretty much succeeded.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The juicy notebook - a couple of pages from my novel Lewis of Modern York

  – Good boy.
  He turned deep red again.
  – Yes, I can confirm that «Miss Kendall» will be holding a press conference in the backyard outside her home at 4.30 this afternoon, Adrienne enlightened a reporter. – No, sweetie, there will be no further communication before that, either public or private. I should point out that Liz prefers to be called by the surname of Warren. She doesn’t exactly look kindly at those not respecting that.
  She put the phone back on the receiver. She blushed when Liz gave her an encouraging smile of approval.
  Journalists and TV-crews began gathering in the backyard not long afterwards, rigging and testing their equipment. A few tried the doorknob on the solid door. It remained locked, no matter how many times they tried to open it.
  – Good thing we had food and supplies delivered this morning, Peyton said and rubbed her earlobe anxiously. – We’re talking a siege here.
  – Don’t be nervous, Liz encouraged her.
  – I’m not, Liz, Peyton assured her. – Honest!
  She was so zealous, so eager to prove herself that it was almost touching.
  – It’s time, Liz grinned, – time to pay the piper.
  Everyone prepared, readying themselves, far more than she did. She smiled good humored at their zeal. Only a short stretch of time passed as they rode the elevator down, as everyone but her made the last few corrections in their clothing and appearance.
  She stepped out in the hot, arid air surrounded by her loyal guard, acolytes, associates and accomplices. The giant smile seemed stuck on her face, the very expressive face. She wore jeans, a jacket and a top, appearing as ordinary as she possibly could, demonstrating that she never would be.
  Elizabeth Warren stopped in front of the gathering of journalists and reporters, standing in the open, not protected by anything like a high dais or an array of microphones most famous or infamous people making a public statement had at their disposal. They had made one such for her, but she ignored it.
  – Early this morning, she began with a loud voice, – we sent copies of my grandmother’s «customer» list to anyone that might be interested, publishing it in full, not hiding anything or leaving anyone out. We included notes and customers’ preferences, a very detailed description of what they paid for. I will be reading juicy excerpts for a while, and then I will speak a bit more, and then I will answer your questions.
  She pulled what was clearly a notebook from her pocket. A loud murmur of expectation rose from a crowd of newshounds.
  – The first section is about Lester, Lester Carmichael. Lester is a man of excellent taste, Rachel writes. He prefers them young or at least younglooking, and just loves punishing them in many inventive ways, including but not limited to birching, spanking and whipping. He also loves calling them names while doing so, pleasant designations like whore, bitch, slut, tramp, harlot, hussy, cum dumpster, nympho, vamp, flirt, tart, floozie and a number of designations that certainly would have made me blush in my preteen days. He put several of the girls in hospital. We did report him to the police, knowing it was a failed venture, but made sure we got copies of the official and unofficial police documents. I barred him from admission, but there is no doubt in my mind that he found what he wanted from other sources.
  It went on and on. The journalists imagined she read every single word in the notebook. The shadows grew long as she spoke.
  She stopped, lowering the hand holding the notebook.
  The questions began as a deluge.
  – So, now that you have done what you set out to do, any early regrets?
  The loud laughter shook them just as hard as her other actions.
  – I remain very happy about my decision. It was the right call and long overdue. Someone should have done this shit ages ago. I will stress that I just don’t want to focus on the brutal «customers», but on all of them. I know you won’t print or relay important details in your excellent papers or broadcast stations, but you should know that everything will come out, also your role or lack of role in keeping the info from the public. It has already.
  She touched them, not holding herself back at all. She used her powers to rub their cocks and cunts, making them writhe in discomfort. The smile grew even more enthusiastic.
  Questions and answers continued for a long while, clearly hostile, but much of it lost its bite early, and even more so as the seance progressed.
  – What about your fellow squatters? One asked a question obviously designed to embarrassed her. She shrugged it off with yet one more act of sequential elegance.
  – The others are certainly a part of this campaign, but we work on many things, many aspects of the modern community, the list of horrible wrongs to be corrected is horribly long.
  – Garrett from the Post, ma’am, he presented himself.
  – It’s so nice to meet you, she responded sweetly.
  The frown on his brow grew visible and deep.
  – Isn’t prostitution merely an exchange of funds and services between two consenting adults?
  She did pause, pretending to ponder the issue.
  – That’s certainly one of many myths that have prevailed for a while, one we will keep cracking like the overblown balloon it is.
  She shook her head decisively.
  – No, it’s a process where the one receiving the funds is the weak part, a very unequal part. Prostitution is happening on many levels and variations throughout society, but the version where people are sort-of fucking is our main focus right now. We will certainly return to the rest at a later point.
  Something happened then, a darkening of the very air no one could put into words. She seemed to grow, to suddenly stand very close to them, towering over them like a giant.
  – We are told, pretty much from the cradle that we should accept every single injustice and indignity visited upon us. It is time we give a loud FUCK THAT in response to such horror.
  It only grew in intensity from that point…

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Never Biden

  It’s quite amazing. There’s not a single valid argument for voting for Joe Biden.

  No, he will not appoint better supreme court judges than Trump. He has already been an integral part of weakening Roe vs Wade, and will continue down that path. He’s also a rapist, abuser and relentless misogynist. He echoes Trump in all ways.
  No, he will not do better for blacks or minorities in general. His record reveals him as a segregationist and racist.
  No, he will not do medicare for all. He will, on the contrary refuse to sign it into law if it should pass both chambers. He’s paid by Big Pharma and the insurance companies, and he will do nothing to harm them. Eighty million Americans are uninsured or underinsured, leading to approximately 70000 avoidable deaths each year, and he will keep it that way.
  No, he will not make any effort to make a true green new deal happen. Big Oil is also paying him, and he will do nothing to harm them. He will on the contrary keep rewarding them with subsidies and tax reliefs.
  No, he will not do student loan relief, and certainly not remove the loans.
  No, he will not move towards equal pay or more general equality. The income-divide between workers and service-personnel in one end and the oligarchs in the other will only grow wider with him.
  No, he will not stop wars, but continue to seek them. His record as a warmonger is also well documented. He’s beholden to the war industry, and will not fail them.
  Giving him your vote is a vote for continued vast injustice and cruelty. He’s one of the worse candidates ever, even worse than Clinton and rivaling Trump.
  It feels almost redundant to include his dementia here, but that certainly does not make him a better candidate.
  Bernie Sanders supports this shit. Sanders is done. He has exposed himself as a major hypocrite and no better than all the rest.
  #NeverBiden Never, ever any corporate, neoliberal candidate.

  PS, almost all of this is also true concerning Elizabeth Warren and any corporate democrat. If any new candidate is appointed at the convention, or if Biden, at any given time, has to pull out because of «health concerns», it will also expose the Democratic Party even more as cheaters and wheelers and dealers, deceivers and liars. People should indeed #DemExit and never again attempt to reform the party from the inside. The ever-more blatant election-fraud and cheating during the primaries alone should be reason enough to leave it behind. When all their candidates suck, it should be an easy choice. The party-within-the-party strategy employed by Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialists of America will remain an abject failure.
  It’s time to think long-term, and give time and passion to the Green Party, to grow it from the ashes of the old and horrible political system. All support should be given to them and Howie Hawkins. If most of the independents and former Sanders-supporters vote for them, there will be a landslide. Even if they get only five percent of the votes, it will be a small victory, making them eligible for federal matching funds and an easier way to future ballots.
  Yes, it’s time to never give The War Party, The Big Business Party, with its two factions, your consideration again. It’s overdue.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Virus - past, present and future

  The corona virus, though close to harmless in the big scheme of things, still exposes countless inherent weaknesses of the modern inhuman society.
  It shows us in many ways how to deal with the climate heating, the Mass Extinction Event and a number of other dangers. Pollution was cut in half over major European cities in just one week. It keeps falling with the lowered human activity, the powerful pressure modern human society imposes on nature every single second of its existence.
  It reveals the insanity of not making essential products nationally and even regionally and locally. Countries have closed their borders and held back crucial ingredients and tools and goods. Counties and regions within countries have closed them off from their closest neighbors. United States, being the bully as usual, has aggressively bought necessities by offering inflated payment and aggressive procuring methods, and many countries have suffered major deficiencies in their supply chains of medicines, medical supplies and even food. This is a situation that may arise at any time. If food production falls significantly globally, people in most western countries would starve and starve to death. There would be a famine rivaling all others before it. The folly of transporting goods across the globe should be phased out over a given period, giving people in a given country time to adapt.
  The truth of the matter is this: the modern human being lives on borrowed time. The climate heating, the Mass Extinction Event, the breakdown of social relations, the true pandemonium and the massive alienation from nature, everything we’ve brought on ourselves is a disaster waiting to happen, waiting like a starved wolf on the prowl. All of it is happening simultaneously, right now, and we ain’t seen nothing yet.
  Some countries have acted fairly rational and reasonable during the Corona Crisis, as impossible as that sounds. Their own governments have still used the opportunity they always look for to expand upon oppressive schemes. The Corona Crisis is just one more symptom of the disease. The true disease is modern society itself, and that is what must change, what will change, sooner, rather than later, whether we want it or not.
  We should learn from this, should draw wisdom from it. It is possible. We can prepare for the inevitable upcoming changes, instead of being basically completely unprepared like we are right now. Humanity can survive, but only if we take an active and bold role in our own lives, and stop the war we’ve waged against nature, against the planet for ten thousand years. We can stop our collective suicide, if we choose, if we show ourselves to be able and willing to start in earnest the deliberate turnaround, the vast scaling back of our shared community we should have started long ago.
  The establishment and its wealthy people don’t want any true chances. They’re perfectly fine with how things stand. We must wrest power from them as well.
  Yes, the earth has fever and humanity acts as its virus, and the planet raises the temperature to deal with us. It’s an excellent and quite valid analogue. The solution is quite simple. We must stop doing that, and start being human again, before the Machine and its vast destruction have become irreversible. We are there already. Time is minutes past twelve. We have no more time to lose.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Worlds within us

  «There are worlds within us». - Edvard Munch

  This is hopefully not anything like the usual bullshit reviewer comment.
  I finally visited the Edvard Munch exhibition at Kode in Bergen this January, doing so on its second last day. The admission ticket set me back the equivalent of $20. That’s twenty full warm home dinners to me. I didn’t really ponder the issue, though. I had wanted to go for a long time, and finally, I did. It was worth it. It is true that we don’t live by food and drink alone. I have always felt that strongly.
  I love both expressionism and Munch, and all that was certainly rekindled when I entered the gallery. It has been a while since I last approached Munch. I didn’t read me up again, didn’t read anything about the paintings, but set out to study them with fresh eyes.
  The gallery exhibited ninety of his most famous paintings and drawings. He did well over a thousand.
  As the quote says, Munch focused on the inner life or himself and humans in general. Almost all the paintings and drawings are evocative, eerie, from an angle most people don’t perceive or easily perceive. He was a troubled man, and that is also easily seen in his art. Except for a «touch» of the bohemian lifestyle brought on by Hans J√¶ger, he didn’t really live a life much different from most people. His Otherness is mostly seen through his art, not his lifestyle. He didn’t live the worlds inside, did not live his art, like many other artists did and do. One can even say he descended to a downright prosaic existence.
  He painted the primitive man, without «making his way to Tahiti». His imagination did take him places, also those not seen by others. To call him imaginative is a grossly insufficient description, really.
  When I look at his art, I seek, like I always do with everything, my personal experience of it. I did tend to forget where I was at the exhibition. Time just flowed away to nothing, to everything. I did not forget myself, but found myself yet again, faced with the deep study of life from another artist.
  That is and has always been art in a nutshell to me.

  "No longer should interiors be painted, people reading and women knitting: there would be living people, breathing and feeling, suffering and loving».

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Entrenched in the trenches

  Why do people fail to see and act on facts and obvious truths and even vast dangers? There is something called confirmation bias. When people have formed an obviously wrong opinion on a given issue, they start subconsciously searching for ways to confirm their bias. They fall into trenches and dig themselves ever deeper in. Various unpleasant truths are often disregarded and rejected.
  Pervasive establishment propaganda is also an obvious part of this. It reinforces loyalties to authorities, though those affected may occasionally profess a false anti-authoritarian stance. It most certainly enforces nationalism and similar, an often-destructive herd-mentality.
  When the human created global heating and the Mass Extinction Event call for vast changes in people’s lives, they reject that need in favor of a perceived safety in the old and familiar, making them act against their own interest, making humanity commit slow, collective suicide. A racist and similar rejects a perceived influx of foreign culture into a given country. When something like the Corona virus comes along, they keep gathering in herds, in spite of the proven danger of that action. A given person, politician or leader may even call for a given action, but be unwilling to truly commit to it through action and/or necessary legislation.
  Current inhuman society is designed that way. The establishment does not want people to think for themselves. It wants eager, unthinking slaves, or drones if you like. It wants them with a certain dull, useful ingenuity, but drones, nonetheless.
  Once again, we see demonstrated that this society, this Machine encourages humanity’s bad traits and discourages the good.
  A vast cognitive dissonance only grows bigger for many people as they grow older.
  There are those odd beings able to liberate themselves from this and seek true freedom, but they are few and far between.
  A few, final items: It’s a scale, not either or. You are not either brainwashed or not, but somewhere between, affected in various degrees. Financial considerations are also important, of course. The pervasive tyranny of capitalism helps the establishment to keep even truly radical people in line.

  The solution to this is quite obvious, too. People must learn truly critical thinking from an early age, at school and at home and in society at large. They must be encouraged to seek and consider alternative views different from the herd at every turn.
  A society with a justified pride in itself and its works must not merely grudgingly accept alternative thought and action, but actively encourage it everywhere and in everyone.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Page 104 and 105 of my novel Forsaken

  – Yes, it was definitely a good thing. You learned the value of rage and hatred and cruelty and sacrifice once and for all. You will never again be that star eyed, innocent and vulnerable child. I will teach you the rest. I will refine and polish the scarred diamond until she cuts by mere touch or close proximity and are feared throughout the realms and even the Ocean of Mankind.
  The words echoed so pleasantly within Janet, as if they had always been here, waiting to be called forth.
  She frowned.
  – W-why? She stuttered and hated herself for it.
  Dasek just looked good humored at her, waiting patiently.
  – What is in it for you?
  The look of pure malice would have scared most others shitless, but Dasek just shrugged it off.
  – I have always been fond of strays, I suppose. It is one of my weaknesses, my guilty pleasures. I like you, and it will give me a great pleasure to once and for all set you free to wreak havoc on mankind, and the Universe entire.
  She kissed the girl again and again, and the kisses slowly turned insistent and invasive. Janet responded hesitant at first, then willingly, eagerly.
  They both glanced at the door, one thought and one mind.
  – ENTER! They called.
  The response was swift, close to instantaneous. The door was unlocked and opened. The two girls rushed inside and rushed to close and lock the door, and rushed forward, placing themselves before the guests.
  – Strip! Janet said casually. – Keep displaying yourselves.
  They began writhing and swaying without hesitation or delay, exposing themselves in an eager and enticing manner, making Janet’s throat parched beyond belief. She had more wine.
  The two pleasing creatures displayed themselves to Janet and Dasek, turning slowly, with half closed eyes.
  – Fetch the whips and the sticks, Janet bade them.
  They knelt and opened a board in the floor, clearly meant to be easily accessible. They offered one set each.
  Janet left the bed. She grabbed the whip with one hand and the stick with the other.
  – So, how did you end up here?
  – We are picked from an early age, My Lady, «her girl» replied, – based on strict criteria, giving honor to our clans.
  Honor and modest wealth in the gutter, Janet thought patronizing.
  She tried the weight and balance of the whip in her right, weaker hand. It was easily handled. She brought the whiplash down on the girl’s back. The girl gasped. Janet noticed the faint scars on the pale skin. She had been whipped before, but not often. The whip was brought down on the butt, brought down hard. The girl screamed. Janet felt the faint itch below grow. The cruel smile grew on her face. She used the stick a few times. The girl’s butt turned red and swollen. The girl crouched shaking on the floor when Janet of the Blue Flame was done with her.
  Janet sat on the edge of the bed while Dasek did her thing. Watching felt just as pleasant, just as satisfying.
  – Come here, she bade the girl.
  The girl crawled to her and knelt before her, shaking and with pain and pleasure very distinct in her wet eyes. The other girl’s scream grew a notch when Dasek whipped her wet hole, hit right at the designated spot. Janet grabbed a fistful of hair belonging to the creature crouching in front of her. There was no resistance, only the same, eager subservience. Janet pushed her face at her own wet hole. The girl began licking immediately. Janet opened and closed her eyes.
  Four creatures moved and moaned on the large bed. Janet felt, in glimpses as if she was back at the tavern in Arcadia, where she, as the resident goddess had dished out pleasure and pain at her discretion. It felt good, so very, very good. The cruel laughter echoed throughout Howler’s Keep, and made many residents shiver at their core.
  – That is my girl, Dasek said with pride in her eyes. – That is my good girl.
  The two of them pushed at each other, and the two girls pushed from behind, adding spice, glorious spice to the experience. It felt like flesh touched and caressed every single piece of Janet’s skin. Gasps filled the air and beyond attentive ears. Dasek slapped her butt again. Janet licked her even harder. Dasek’s dark moan made Janet shiver in delight. The multiple fingering and licking in her own hole turned even more insistent. Everything turned beyond pleasant. The searing heat spread to the entire body. Anticipation grew with the faster breathing.
  - Yes, Janet shouted between the gasps. – Yes, yes, YES
  Her horny shouts were echoed by Dasek and the other two. The four bodies turned rigid in the moments before the moment.
  They exploded in pleasure and fell into a deep, dark hole where joy lingered and burned forever.

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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Our true problem according to Howard Zinn

  «Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders… and millions have been killed because of this obedience… Our problem is that people are obedient allover the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves… (and) the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem».

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

The grateful slave

  «How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?»
― Charles Bukowski, Factotum