Sunday, July 23, 2017

The tenacious propagandist

 You’re the tenacious propagandist
 A tape recorder mindlessly repeating
 The words and actions of others
 You blame the dark-skinned immigrant
 For everything wrong
 In your country

 You blame the protester
 Every time the police
 Crushes his skull
 People point out
 The vast discrepancies
 In your «reasoning»
 You keep on chanting
 Your insane support
 Of the tyranny in your country
 Of oppression incarnate

 Nothing can rock your stance
 You claim Muslims are the terrorists
 Even though white Christians
 Are proven far more violent
 Xenophobia and Islamophobia
 Are just words to you
 Distant echoes without significance

 You’re the quintessential watchdog
 Of the ruling order
 You’re the most tenacious
 Honorable racist and Nazi possible
 The tenacious, irrational propagandist
 Striking again and again and again
 With pride and dignity
 In your deluded mind
 Your reward is in the mail
 Your medal is firmly attached
 To your overblown chest

 Amos Keppler

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Defending the indefensible

  United Nations has finally prohibited nuclear weapons, a prohibition supported by a large majority (122) of the world’s countries. Those either boycotting the vote or voting against it were basically NATO-countries or supporters.
  The prohibition is described and celebrated as a historic document. The judicially binding text for all countries ratifying it has a total ban on production and use and threats of use of all types of nuclear arms.
  The atomic weapon states and their supporters have to the last minute attempted to stop, sabotage the vote. They reject the vote as «inconsequential» and claim it will not have any practical significance. The Norwegian minister of foreign affairs, Børge Brende states: «We’re siding with our allies in this matter. Norway won’t support a proposition damaging NATO as an alliance of defense».
  1984 ministry of peace much?
  This is a typical stand taken by a Norwegian or European government official, yet another abolition of responsibility, more support for a destructive war machine without peer. In the eyes of European governments, it doesn’t matter what the United States happens to do. They eagerly support it, no matter how insane it is.
  Once again we see illustrated in excellent ways how NATO governments put the loyalty to one of the most aggressive military alliances ever above the welfare of the world’s people.
  The support for US/NATO is sickeningly unison, also in establishment media all over Europe and the western world. Establishment media keeps serving up what’s basically pure propaganda in support of US/NATO, what ever it might decide to do.
  The world and humanity are celebrating, though, in spite of knowing that the prohibition won’t have any instant practical effect. The proponents of the prohibition are correct. It will have an effect. It shows where the world at large stands, how insane the people of the world think it is that there are nuclear arms at all.
  It’s clearly a major blow to the atomic powers and their loyal supporters, a failure of their often uncontested propaganda. There is no defense for making, stockpiling and using nuclear weapons and this prohibition states that in a crystal clear manner.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

To thine own self be true

  This returned to me as a crystal clear memory the other night. I recalled when a friend of mine and I visited London for the first time in 1983. We spoke English between us in an effort to improve our foreign language skills. When we sat at a restaurant I started on a long monologue, more or less successful. My friend cautioned me, made me lower my voice and did so in Norwegian.
  It was not long after that, as we sat there eating I realized that he was embarrassed, and that I wasn’t.
  It was probably one of the first times in my life that it dawned on me that I didn’t care, just didn’t care what others happened to think of me. It was a profound and important insight that has helped me immensely later in life. I had been insecure and second-guessed myself as a child and adolescent, and that had kept me, at least to a point from letting go and enjoy myself. That stopped sometime after I became an adult. I grew up, so to speak.
  I had always seen my friend as pretty confident and secure within himself, but not long after that moment in the restaurant I realized that he in truth wasn’t, and that most other people weren’t either. They were fearful of speaking out, of standing up for themselves and their views, afraid of public condemnation, of losing face in the eyes of others, without realizing that they had already lost it, in their own eyes. I experienced a kind of slow epiphany in the coming years, as it dawned on me that I was, in truth pretty confident and secure within myself, and that I had a lot to offer both myself and the world.
  It wasn’t like I saw myself as a world champion or anything, but more like I realized that I didn’t need to be, and thereby freed myself to pursue whatever I wanted, independently of others’ opinion and expectation of it or me.
  It worked, in spite of the occasional setback beyond all expectations.
  Do your true will, not the one imposed on you by an insane community and society.
  Polonius: This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Hamlet - William Shakespeare

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The true culprits

  Theresa May, the Conservatives, US/UK//FRANCE/NATO and western politicians in general are directly responsible for the recent Manchester and London tragedies and all similar. By being and fostering a terror-regime operating all over the world, they have most certainly encouraged (at the very least) such and similar behavior in others. Those even suggesting otherwise are mired in establishment propaganda and unable to see the trees for the forest.
  Libya was a stable and fairly just society before western forces bombed it and killed off Ghadafi and destroyed his regime, one of the most benevolent in Africa. Syria was stable. There wouldn’t have been an insurrection there at all without US/UK/FRANCE/NATO interference and active contribution. The entire Middle East region has in general been a victim of western governments. US/NATO is one of the most aggressive military alliances ever. Of course people are pissed. They should be!
  Western leaders are reaping the harvest of their own terror regime, one they deliberately set in motion and then used the inevitable and self-evident effects to implement stricter surveillance and oppressive legislation on the population of so called western democracies, a move that was clearly one of their main goals.
  The aim of the perpetual war is to paralyze a given population, scare them into accepting any indignity, the worst kind of oppression. Fear is the key to control, and control is what those in charge desire more than anything.

  In other words, people should direct and should have long since directed their rage at them, not at their victims. Warmongers and people calling for more surveillance must be rejected as leaders. It’s long overdue.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


  Reaching a state of free association, no matter the method is always a blast of creativity. You may not like all the thoughts assaulting you, but you will always gain something from it.
  Free association isn’t hard. I sit here writing this. Twelve years from now I’m fucking a young girl. I’m older, but in some way I’m also fucking her as a young man. And on that very same moment twelve years from now I’m also living in London and I am fairly wealthy. In another variation I’m fairly poor and can’t travel much. In yet another I’m nowhere, dead as a doornail.
  It isn’t difficult, not difficult at all to imagine the various alternatives, even those not very likely not mentioned here, or those very likely not mentioned here. A horse is running in circles on a racetrack. At some point, in one story it breaks all four legs the first two steps and never leaves the wheelchair. In another it leaves the fucking racetrack and flies off into the sunset, flapping its strong wings without ever tiring. The cat is growling at the much bigger dog, scaring the poor mutt shitless. A mouse hides squeaking in the lion’s mouth, not daring to make a sound in fear of making a sound.
  Yes, the world is like that, exactly like that.
  All in all, the moon is the strongest, most well-muscled bulb in the sky, and the sun is merely a burning torch with a monster ego.
  This is existence inside and outside the nut and the nutshell. I love hearing the sound of boulders rolling up the mountainside. It’s such a magnificent sight and exciting experience. An avalanche is nothing but flames dancing on the precipice of a shaking casket. Those spending a lifetime inside that clammy space won’t ever wonder about the world outside, never wandering off-track or off-base, never pushing the keys of the rainbow into ultraviolet and infrared or even beyond.
  Is time parallel or a tree branching out from a central point… or both… neither?
  In a time and a place unbound by time and space, you’ll find out, find out everything you ever and never wondered about, and still know only a tiny sliver of reality, of the big, bad Universe without beginning or end.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Streets of Fire (I)

  Here are some snippets, big and small events from my life as a radical political activist and enthusiastic human being.
  The first few major protests I attended was in Oslo in the eighties, among them during an official Margaret Thatcher visit. In a statement to the media she said with her usual «flair» that Norwegians did everything to make her feel welcome, like she was at home, including protesting against her.
  During one protest one of those hot Oslo summers, I watched four cops gang up on and beat up a young girl. Several people protesting that act was also arrested and brutalized.
  I was never truly an integrated part of the activist/squatter «Blitz» group, but among the many coming from all over the country in order to support them as best we could.
  In Copenhagen in 1988 I attended yet another protest where the police attacked us unprovoked. Many were arrested and taken to a small, fairly small station used to cage protesters. The evening ended up with a small group of protesters setting fire to that station and all the protesters escaping custody. Very few of the protesters I spoke with felt bad about that.
  We had all realized years ago that the usual establishment media headline: «protesters attack the police» was pure bogus and establishment propaganda. No protester with his/her wits intact would even dream of attacking a superior force in armor and armed with clubs and shields and worse.
  I had moved to London and was further radicalized, thriving in an environment filled with subversives…

  The five years I lived there, where I wrote my novels Dreams Belong to the Night and ShadowWalk were among my best ever. The street theater, the squatted house, the downright inspiring group I was a part of all conspired to make it so, constantly stoking my already burning heart. We encountered Jeremy Corbyn among many other great people during the many protests outside the South African embassy. We celebrated Thatcher’s fall, Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and a lot more. The first witchnight of ours was celebrated with abandon in Hyde Park in June 1988. There would be many more all over the world, both small and big in terms of scope and attendance in the decades to come.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Today in Palestine

  A fisherman is shot
  A child is grabbed
  By brutal hands
  And dragged to prison
  A woman is shot and a knife
  Is placed by her side

  Gaza is shelled again today
  Fishing boats are attacked
  By firing gunboats
  A woman giving birth dies
  Delayed at a checkpoint
  Children are tortured in jail

  There are big massacres
  Where Gaza is bombed to dust
  And blood covers the ground
  Where protesters fill the streets
  But Palestine is occupied every day
  Palestinians are constantly attacked
  But protesters stay at home

 Palestine is invaded day and night
 The invading forces attack on the ground
 From the air and from the sea
 The Israeli Occupation Army
 Swarms Palestine armed to the teeth
 Those not accepting that
 Must swarm day and night as well

 Amos Keppler 2017-03-10