Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The great coming of the Night

  Now and then, it’s great to just sit still and watch as it turns darker outside, to keep all electrical lights switched off and watch Night approach.
  The shadows turn longer and the very air around you changes in startling ways. The western horizon turns into beautiful and ever-shifting variations of red. The colors seem to be fading, but are in truth only metamorphosing into a different frequency your eyes can’t catch. The gray light of day Goes Away, and you feel yourself awakening from your slumber.
  And when you sit there, immersed in the vast darkness, listening with known and unknown senses, you don’t turn the lights on, but remain there for as long as you feel like it, enjoying the sensation when thoughts and creativity flow freely.
  All kinds of thoughts and sensations come to you.

  I enjoy the night, enjoy it and its experience immensely. It’s when I do most of my work and the best. Lately, I've been able to enjoy it even more, like I do every time I fill my fridge and stay at home in my cave, forest and mountain, and even though I also have to occasionally do it for economic reasons, have to drastically cut my expenses, I would have done it anyway.
  There is little or no pattern to anything I do. I go to sleep when I’m tired, wake up when I’m not, and there’s a freedom to that everyone should taste and enjoy. I don’t actually have to do anything, except eat and drink, pee and shit.
  My natural sleep pattern is during the day. I usually have breakfast at dusk. During the winter half of the year I hardly see the sun at all.
  The night lasts eighteen hours and I rejoice.
  I haven’t been to the city for three weeks and I don’t really miss it. I didn't miss it when I was months and even eighteen months away from it either.
  I can enjoy myself there, but aside from when I visit the urban wilderness of London and similar, it’s a different kind of enjoyment, one not touching me so deeply.

  "Montgomery told me that the Law... became oddly weakened about nightfall;
that then the animal was at its strongest;
a spirit of adventure sprang up in them at the dusk;
they would dare things they never seemed to dream about by day".

H. G. Wells
The Island of Dr. Moreau

  I dream about it, the true life of a Human Being all the time, also in the most glaring daylight, but the great and irresistible drive to think and act free of restraint and oppression is strongest at night. Dreams Belong to the Night!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Road of devastation

  They’re making yet another road, road into the forest, ruining even more life in the process. That deep… scar clearly diminishes the joy of moving through these woods.
  Those in charge, with the aid of their many eager servants wage a war against humanity and all life on Earth. They - and all the rest of us in concert destroy piece by piece of nature, of everything we need in order to survive.
  Human society has been a horrible place to live for a long time, and has gone steadily worse. In leaps and bounds it had turned into something where it is impossible to truly live, except on its outskirts, its dark corners and edges.
  Not so strange that. We slowly remove all pleasure from our lives, everything making us thrive and enjoy ourselves, everything making us human and supplant it with mindless entertainment, with death of the spirit.
  A road through the forest, through the wilderness isn't merely a broad piece of asphalt, but a dam to keep life from crossing it. Yes, all science and research and de facto reality not only suggest, but tell us plainly that only tiny encroachments into nature is sufficient to disrupt age old paths. Making reservoirs, «pockets» in the wilderness isn't a good thing at all. It may slow down the dying, but it doesn't in any way put a stop to it. Traditional «conservation», its very idea, not only how it’s practiced has been an abject failure and remains a failed tactic, a stopgap measure at best, a disaster of both willful deception and mindless intent.
  One road destroys or at least ruins a given ecosystem, reducing it in stature and effectiveness.
  And there are many roads. A city, by its very presence in a given area is a disaster for long term survival there.
  All the big mammals are dying, are going extinct. Many smaller, even insects as well. One chemical, or several in combination, so useful in civilization, kills off the bees. Others kill off other animals. We see it every day, see how the massive amount of poison we have introduced into the soil and water and air works on the animals and fail to see the obvious: that it is also affecting us, both directly and indirectly.
  The Sixth Great Extinction is here and it is us. Humanity has become like a cosmic disaster.
  Modern humans just don’t understand nature anymore, or cause and effect and simple logic for that matter. We fail in the most basic understanding of everything, really.
  Life on Earth is dying, and nothing, nothing is done about it. We are not fixing this, or even trying, no matter how much the propaganda says we are. Yes, we do indeed commit collective suicide.

  The World Grinder

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prevailing inequality

  My contribution to Blog Action Day 2014:

  Inequality dominates all over the world, on all levels. Poverty is widespread, more common than not, and the situation has gone and is going from bad to worse all the time.
  Poor people in all countries are worse off in case of health and just about anything in all countries. The wealthy and powerful use the position their money and power grant them to tightening the noose, the collar around people’s neck even more.
  The charity organizations can’t and won’t fix that. On the contrary, they and their presence serve to segment the situation rather than solving it.
  What is needed, what is mandatory is to change society in fundamental ways, to truly change the world, until there is no major difference in income and fortune anymore. Capitalism must go. It has always and will always serve those in charge. Those in charge and their many eager servants work hard with their propaganda in order to fool people and keep them distracted from the real issues. Established media is one of their most powerful tools. Sports, nationalism, religion and keeping people from truly independent thinking and action are others.

  The difference in salary or the money/funds people may use in a given year shouldn't be unequal at all, or at least not be more or less than ten percent of average. The day that happens we will be very close to a world where true freedom and justice reign.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The joy of documentation

  Sadly, I didn't use to value bringing my camera with me on travels and celebrations much earlier. Tons of good moments are lost that way, or at least fairly inaccessible, reduced to dim memory. My firm conviction was that it would «ruin the experience» of the moment. I’ve recently changed my position on this completely. Added documentation enriches the moment, not only its posterity.
  A great photographer brings his camera with him or her everywhere, including the bathroom and in bed.

  Yes, I, procuring audio and video recording equipment has been a tremendous success already.

Monday, October 13, 2014


  Many authors and certainly I feel strange when people ask us which one of our books we recommend. All the books are labors of love and it is always difficult to choose one above another. At least I would say that I always put something precious of myself in each and every story I write. There is a very good reason to choose The Defenseless, for instance. I labored for thirty-seven years before I published that one. TheJanus Clan series is my life-long project. Your Own Fate is my shortest novel, but I’m still immensely proud over how it turned out. With Afterglow Dust and Alarums of Reality I proved to myself that I would and could keep writing completely different stories from those I had previously written, keep changing themes and content and even form easily, doing so like the most natural thing in the world, embracing variety and its intrinsic value.
  So when people I know fairly well ask, I ponder their opinions and which of the books they will enjoy the most, and it’s usually different every time.
  But if I should choose one, it would have to be Dreams Belong to the Night. It will always be the one I’m most proud of, for many reasons. I wrote it and my second choice ShadowWalk in a very turbulent time in my life, with great swings of both joy and despair. It was also during this time I felt I was becoming an author, truly becoming one and that I was no longer someone just trying to write books. I took a step (leap) or ten forward during those five years, in so many ways.
  All my books and art… they are me, the characters in the first ten (chronologically speaking) both an idealistic and demonic version of myself, but this is so twice or thrice over. I always felt, from I was very young that any storyteller needs to live a life at least as dramatic and exciting as the characters he or she writes about. In London, in the summer of 1988 I started doing that. In some ways The Defenseless is about the time before that, its first draft written while I was still an insecure and troubled teenager. Dreams and SW are written during and after my most radical awakening, a time where I mostly enjoyed myself beyond words, during one of the happiest times of my life.

  And it shows, many times over! My pride is over both content and form. It is such an accomplished whole that I still have a hard time containing my excitement and keeping my somewhat critical sense of proportions. Any writer/artist has a hard time properly judging his own work, I know that. My enthusiasm persists.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Child Killers

  I wrote this in late November 2005 and added another verse tonight.

Tony, George and all the rest
Where do you get off
Aren't you pleased
Aren't you content
How many more children will you kill
Before you're done

From the moment they open their eyes
You are there, lessening their lives
You are many, you are never alone
In your zeal to destroy
Any shred of innocence

What goes through your mind
As you sit there
Around the square table
Concocting your insane schemes
Your tyranny of convenience

It gets to us
No matter how spirited
We might be
It gets to us, you know
The shit of the current world
You perpetuate and tend

Aren't you pleased
Aren't you content
How many more candles
Will you put out
Before your day is done

David, Barack and all the rest
Where do you get off
Aren't you pleased
Aren't you content
How many more children will you kill
Before you're done

  Two different major political parties in each country, and it's all the same.

  This poem is part of my collection Secrets

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No more barking dogs

  «You don’t direct your anger at the barking dog, but at its master».
  This is an age-old and basically accurate proverb.
  That, however, doesn't relieve the dog from responsibility for its actions.
  Public officials, corporate officials, they’re all to blame for their blind and eager obedience to their masters. If they weren't there, their masters would be helpless, would be unable to implement and sustain their oppression.
  The truth of the matter is that most of those officials enjoy their power and get off on it. They’re not unwilling or reluctant participants.
  Get rid of all the barking dogs, all the eager servants and no one is left to execute the will of the masters. The result is evident and inevitable: No more masters.

  The vast dangers of obedience