Saturday, February 14, 2015

The danger of (some) vaccines

  Seventy children and thirty-one adult Norwegians developed Narcolepsy because they took the swine flu vaccine Pandermix in 2009. That’s the number that has been confirmed and acknowledged by Norwegian health authorities so far. It’s expected to rise. The victims sleep too much, too little, moving around in a constant state of fatigue and need to sleep, unable to quite get there, get that healthy deep sleep.
  Some of them and others have also developed Cataplexy, a condition making it risky to experience strong emotions. They can suddenly lose all strength in their muscles, making it impossible for them to ever drive a car, for instance. They can’t even laugh in fear of getting sick. There is an extensive list of diseases linked to the vaccine. No one knows exactly how many that has become sick. They will all have reduced quality of life for the rest of their lives.
  Those 101 has been granted 170 million kroner in compensation, less than two million (approximately $300 000) each for something they will never recover from. There are several hundred cases yet to be determined.
  People in other countries choosing Pandermix have suffered the same horrible side effects.

  I dislike both fanatic vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. It isn’t common, but in this I find myself at the center. I do believe the use of vaccines has merit, that they do work and should be used in some cases.
  But there must be much more flexibility in their use, a far more restrictive regime, the decision made on a case to case basis. Mass vaccination should only be considered in extreme cases. Along with the fact that the Norwegian government had strong ties to GlaxoSmithKline, the producer of Pandermix, it was the automatic thinking that vaccines should be used that led to the horror scenario described above.
  The health authorities in various countries claim that they had no knowledge of the dangers in advance, but that is a bald faced lie. I knew about them and had read several articles about it, and therefore didn’t take the vaccine, just like some of the health officials didn't give Pandermix to their children…
  It did also help me that I’m allergic to vaccines and get sick every time I take them, and had to stop taking them long ago. I almost died twice and haven’t taken any since I was nineteen. But you don’t read about cases like that in most medical journals either.
  I guess I’m most pissed off at the Vaxxers, because of their cock and bull confidence in their obviously wrong conviction, and their total inability to compromise on it. They are supposed to be rational, to be supportive of true inquiry, but in truth they are just as irrational as some of those on the other side. It is indeed both funny and sick when fanatical defenders of vaccination portray themselves as beacons of reason.
  People holding «measles parties» for their children are ridiculed and attacked by Vaxxers, but that is the best and natural way of controlling the disease the way I see it. Measles, as a rule aren't dangerous, no more than the common cold. Vaccination of pertussis is unreliable, at best and don’t last very long. Norwegian health authorities, perhaps a bit more cautious actually advised older people against taking this season’s flu vaccine recently. The Italian Cochran institute found in an extensive study that flu vaccines hardly have any measurable effect.
  There are other examples.
  And that is before I take into account that the drug production companies take shortcuts all the time and lobby hard for the use of even more medicine, in order to line their own pockets even more than they already have. The more the merrier. Quite often it isn’t a medical reason why a given vaccine is used at all.

  There is a terror regime of vaccination and that must stop.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The best propaganda show since the Nazis…

  The attacks in Paris and their aftermath say far more about western countries and their hypocrisy and racism than they do about Islam.
  Christian crusaders kill people daily, all over the world, including many children, usually without a single voice of protest in established media or protests in the streets. When the French president expelled the Rom people very few raised their voice.
  When twelve representatives for a racist French publication are gunned down people are up in arms. All the right buttons are pushed.

  The United States and its allies have the best, the best possible contacts with extreme Islamist groups and have for decades. They have funded and supported them all over the globe, often created them from scratch, like Al Qaeda and ISIS.
  A tyranny needs an enemy, a set of enemies to point at in order to perpetuate the eternal war.

  The chance of this being a false flag operation is high. The US/NATO history of such actions is long and sordid. That alone makes it likely, if not certain.
  Yet another «anti-terror law» was in the works and France was about to support Palestinian statehood, a typical set of circumstances that has led to false flag operations in the past.

  If the word «terrorism» has any validity at all, it is the western governments and the forces behind them that are the true terrorists.

  But let us say for the sake of argument that this, for once is not a false flag operation, that the attack was «genuine» and that a true Islamist group not directed by the United States and/or France was behind the attack.

  The killing of people exercising their freedom of speech is a horrible act, of course, no matter who is behind it.

  This was, right from the start a major mainstream conceited stroke fest, emphasizing the fake notion of western freedom of speech.

  The western freedom of expression is yet another sham, a myth that the mindless masses are taught as fact. Only expressions acceptable to mainstream society and a few, selected fringe «opinions» are allowed. I, for one loathe and have always loathed any kind of censorship and felt strongly that freedom of speech should be absolute. I’m with Voltaire and support his statement without reservations. No matter how vile a statement, it should be met with nothing but vocal opposition.

  People criticizing the UK/US/NATO slaughter in Iraq have been sent to prison and/or persecuted since the invasion.

  France, like all western countries is a deeply racist society. Racism is and has been accepted as part of the mainstream for a long time. Racism has long since become a «politically correct» expression. The killings don’t really expose the ugliness of Islam, at least not compared to how their aftermath exposes ruthlessly the western society.

  During the latest Gaza massacre the French government banned protests supporting the Palestinians. During the march Netanyahu the butcher, Netanyahu the zionist neonazi was given free reign to promote his twisted ideology.

  I expect the millions taking to the streets in Paris and elsewhere in the world to protest actively against censorship, all the oppressive «anti-terror» laws and the general tyranny in western countries in the days and week and months to come. Tons of people have been imprisoned and persecuted in western countries for speaking their mind. Very few protested against that. All western governments and dominating parts of their society have waged WAR against freedom of speech for decades. Most people have stayed silent. The best and most polite one can say about the Paris march/rally is that it was the best propaganda show for western oppression since the Nazis...
  It was far worse than that, of course.
  French sick and pompous nationalism ran rampant. Muslims have been attacked en masse. «France as a nation has been attacked» and the mob is up in arms. We get a show highlighting French militarism.
  The people participating in the Paris march, and elsewhere allowed/allow themselves to be used by oppressive forces, period, used by oppressive forces again, and it is certainly nothing to admire or emulate.
  What do you call people that are willingly and eagerly fooled time and time again? Is calling them mindless puppets fair or not?

  The great thing is that there has been and is an ongoing backlash. A considerable minority has seen through the vast deception and made a considerable effort to expose it for what it is.

  We will continue to do so.

  Update 2015-02-02 Since the march French authorities have continued to relentlessly pursue and punish people exercising their rights to free speech and expression. Among them is an eight year old boy...
  They have also expanded their ban on protesting in favor of the Palestinians.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Atheist pagan

  One Wicca priestess called me a warlock with repeated snarls, not knowing or not caring that the word «witch» is a general term. She clearly saw the fact that I dare calling myself a witch as a personal insult.

  Many don’t get how I can be both pagan and atheist, but to me it’s pretty simple, really.
  My atheism has, quite simply always been an important part of my paganism. Paganism with gods doesn’t make any more sense to me than any other belief including that rather insane element.
  Paganism without gods does.
  To me it is about witchcraft, sure, but most of all the self-evident connection between human beings and nature. Without that crucial link to life itself, everything becomes wrong.
  Witches open closed caskets. We pull out what is inside, exposing it to the outside, not holding ourselves back, and not censoring ourselves. We make fire burn stronger, constantly stoking the weakest ember.
  I and other pagans strip down paganism, free it from the trappings of religion, a very necessary step. Beliefs in gods have proven very destructive to humanity and life on Earth as a whole.
  Humanity losing that before mentioned powerful and crucial contact with nature has as well.
  So, seeking that, in both ourselves and others makes very much sense.

  I am a witch. I am a human being. That is the same side of the coin of bold humanity, linked far beyond any casual connection.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mall of death and death of freedom

  When you step into a shopping mall, any given shopping mall, and this is the same all over the world, you enter what is basically a blown up piece of real estate, «private property», a place where you leave yourself at the mercy of its owners and henchmen, where you’re even more at risk of being victimized by the forces of law and order than on the outside.
  Representatives of private «security firms» may at any time, with or without a reason, with any given pretext decide to mess with you, and you can do little or nothing to fight against it or even protest properly.
  You may have an issue with a store and/or its employees/owners treating you badly, and if that happens they have the sole power to call «security» on you, not the other way around. What’s worse, those security goons have an excellent working relation with the local police, and can and will call upon them to hassle you further, and even become violent. Whether or not you are in the right or have a major legitimate grievance is not relevant at all.
  A growing number of smaller businesses, like bars and similar, also employs security. It doesn't matter that such people have a long and sordid proven history of dishing out excessive violence. They are still allowed and even encouraged to keep it up.
  Ordinary police forces are bad enough, but rent-a-cops are clearly even worse. The difference between them has never been that big, anyway, and getting increasingly smaller. Enterprise has always been the true employers of the police, and not the public, the way the propaganda claims.

  All this is certainly one of many reasons why I have always been and why I become increasingly critical towards enterprise, business in itself. Today’s inhuman society puts monetary value on everything, including human beings and all living things, and little or no true value beyond that, and we see the result everywhere.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

One car

  Just the production of one single car causes untold and unacceptable harm and destruction of nature and life on Earth. You need a production facility for the car, a way to assemble its parts. Then, many of those parts need an entire poisonous factory each. It needs roads to drive on, and in order to make those roads, you need even more factories and production facilities. It’s fucking insane! And that’s just one car.
  There are many millions. Over 600 BILLIONS have been made in total.
  It should be or should have been self-evident to everybody that the very existence of cars on Earth is contributing in major ways to what is humanity’s collective suicide, our tailspin suicide run.
  The car, when you think it through is a walking suicide.
  We see an unprecedented destruction of nature and all life today. Humanity has become the Sixth (seventh) Great Extinction Event, become (like) a cosmic disaster.

  We, humanity as a whole must admit that we need to get rid of far more insanity than merely The Car. It is, after all only one on a horrendously long list of various types of destructive toys we make. We must change our lives and the way we see the world completely and utterly, and must do so many yesterdays ago.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Unmaking tyranny

  Today’s local, national and global society encourages all our bad traits, rewards oppression and censorship.
  I've written before (many times) about the need for disregarding established human institutions. This is a step further in this regard.
  There is one simple and fundamental truth: A system cannot be reformed or changed, only destroyed. Any attempt to change it from within will fail and it will reset itself according to its long-time design.
  Experience and basic history tells us that this is a more than correct assessment also when it comes to human society.
  So, the self-evident truth is that we can’t base our struggle for justice and freedom and a truly sustainable environment on what has never worked.
  It isn't about ignoring established public and private institutions, but about bypassing them, work to lessen their impact and dominance, until they eventually dissolve into nothing.
  Make no mistake, though, they will not go down quietly. They will do anything, and I do mean anything in order to hold on to their position. True freedom can never be given, but must be taken.
  The first step is to stop heeding cops, courts and so called elected institutions, ignoring them, bypassing them as much as possible, reject and disregard both private and public government. This takes a bit of preparation, but surprisingly little. Your mental attitude is the most important part. Those in charge have physical power at their disposal, and that shouldn't be underestimated, but what they more than anything have going for them is the power over our minds. Stephen Biko said that the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed, and that is so very, very true. Move beyond that and you have taken a major step towards true freedom.
  The second is to continue formulating and forming alternatives, truly autonomous communities and develop them further. As stated, there are quite a few of them in play already. There are urban green anarchist and survival groups, methods to survive even in civilization without submitting to the tyranny of civilization. You can make your home in the forest and the wilderness. Hunting/gathering is still possible today, one or the other or both. Farming without joining the system is still an option. Your own, expanded private garden can easily be enough to survive on, if done right, or you can join a group of anti-commercial urban gardeners exchanging food and drink and drawing on each other’s experience.
  All in all, there are countless ways to be truly independent, both mentally and physically. If you don’t know how, you can easily gather sufficient information in order to start out. With today’s easily available information it will take a couple of weeks, tops, to gather the actual knowledge, at least the basics. Understanding and putting it to work will probably take longer. You will most likely struggle a bit at first, but if you keep struggling, fighting against the odds you will get there.
  Society as it is, the current system of massive oppression should be dismantled piece by piece. Those in charge can only retain their power with willing subjects to rule and to do their dirty work. Without servants the tyrants are helpless. They only have power over you as long as you allow it.
  The third and ongoing step is to keep doing whatever you’re doing, in this respect for the rest of your life, faced with both external and internal pressure. Make sure it’s an active and involving process able to take more than a few hits. The process, successful or not, will be its own reward.

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  I found what I didn't know in just a few minutes. Granted, you have to wade through tons of commercial shit and status quo projects to get to the good, reliable stuff, but at least this should be a comprehensive starting point for anyone interested.
  Not all the links may be useful for you or even for me, depending on the situation in which we find ourselves. Asking the right questions and use the right search words can be a problem. I focus on what is truly independent and different, and not more of the same, more a part of existing society.

  I will continue to update myself on this, like I have for fifteen years, unmaking tyranny, making life and fire.
  I would also appreciate/consider any addition you can give me to this list.

Monday, December 01, 2014


  Earlier today I and a friend headed for a part of the forest I hadn't visited for a while. I had expectation in my eyes, and looked forward to photograph a lush, shadowy slice of the wilderness.
  The sight that confronted us always make despair fill me. All the trees there had been cut down and removed. The place had been totally transformed into a horrible, twisted facsimile of what it had been. It isn't very big, about hundred square meters or so, but it was special. There was a small waterfall, a few rocks covered by moss and the growth, a downright magical place in a certain light and sunlight. Now, its ecological system had been ruined in just a few hours of vandalism.
  I have talked about this before, how people have no true appreciation for nature, for the wilderness, and don’t know what it is and how it works. My friend doesn't either. He didn't think it was such a big deal.
  - It’s prettier, now, he said, - without all that mess.
  He also thinks that a cleansed field on a farm or anywhere looks better than one filled with trees, with wild growth. His view is very typical in today’s society.
  People that don’t know better tell me that logging a forest is okay, that at least some of the companies doing it are replanting the area, which is yet another horrible ignorance. The new trees aren't even remotely the same trees that were cut down. The ecology of the area is ruined, and only the facsimile, the twisted, manmade copy remains.
  It isn't strange, isn't strange at all that humanity is destroying nature on the massive scale we see and have seen for so long. It’s merely a logical extension of what we are taught to appreciate, to prefer.
  The wilderness is only recreation, and hardly even that to modern humans.

  We are told repeatedly, directly and indirectly that civilization is good and nature is bad, and most of us firmly believe it. That’s all there is to it, really.