Sunday, December 07, 2014

Unmaking tyranny

  Today’s local, national and global society encourages all our bad traits, rewards oppression and censorship.
  I've written before (many times) about the need for disregarding established human institutions. This is a step further in this regard.
  There is one simple and fundamental truth: A system cannot be reformed or changed, only destroyed. Any attempt to change it from within will fail and it will reset itself according to its long-time design.
  Experience and basic history tells us that this is a more than correct assessment also when it comes to human society.
  So, the self-evident truth is that we can’t base our struggle for justice and freedom and a truly sustainable environment on what has never worked.
  It isn't about ignoring established public and private institutions, but about bypassing them, work to lessen their impact and dominance, until they eventually dissolve into nothing.
  Make no mistake, though, they will not go down quietly. They will do anything, and I do mean anything in order to hold on to their position. True freedom can never be given, but must be taken.
  The first step is to stop heeding cops, courts and so called elected institutions, ignoring them, bypassing them as much as possible, reject and disregard both private and public government. This takes a bit of preparation, but surprisingly little. Your mental attitude is the most important part. Those in charge have physical power at their disposal, and that shouldn't be underestimated, but what they more than anything have going for them is the power over our minds. Stephen Biko said that the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed, and that is so very, very true. Move beyond that and you have taken a major step towards true freedom.
  The second is to continue formulating and forming alternatives, truly autonomous communities and develop them further. As stated, there are quite a few of them in play already. There are urban green anarchist and survival groups, methods to survive even in civilization without submitting to the tyranny of civilization. You can make your home in the forest and the wilderness. Hunting/gathering is still possible today, one or the other or both. Farming without joining the system is still an option. Your own, expanded private garden can easily be enough to survive on, if done right, or you can join a group of anti-commercial urban gardeners exchanging food and drink and drawing on each other’s experience.
  All in all, there are countless ways to be truly independent, both mentally and physically. If you don’t know how, you can easily gather sufficient information in order to start out. With today’s easily available information it will take a couple of weeks, tops, to gather the actual knowledge, at least the basics. Understanding and putting it to work will probably take longer. You will most likely struggle a bit at first, but if you keep struggling, fighting against the odds you will get there.
  Society as it is, the current system of massive oppression should be dismantled piece by piece. Those in charge can only retain their power with willing subjects to rule and to do their dirty work. Without servants the tyrants are helpless. They only have power over you as long as you allow it.
  The third and ongoing step is to keep doing whatever you’re doing, in this respect for the rest of your life, faced with both external and internal pressure. Make sure it’s an active and involving process able to take more than a few hits. The process, successful or not, will be its own reward.

  Living in the wild
  Carbon copies
  Prevailing inequality
  Further external resources:
  Urban farming
  Urban agriculture
  Sarah Pike - radical environmentalists
  Radical ecological democracy
  Living in the wild

  I found what I didn't know in just a few minutes. Granted, you have to wade through tons of commercial shit and status quo projects to get to the good, reliable stuff, but at least this should be a comprehensive starting point for anyone interested.
  Not all the links may be useful for you or even for me, depending on the situation in which we find ourselves. Asking the right questions and use the right search words can be a problem. I focus on what is truly independent and different, and not more of the same, more a part of existing society.

  I will continue to update myself on this, like I have for fifteen years, unmaking tyranny, making life and fire.
  I would also appreciate/consider any addition you can give me to this list.

Monday, December 01, 2014


  Earlier today I and a friend headed for a part of the forest I hadn't visited for a while. I had expectation in my eyes, and looked forward to photograph a lush, shadowy slice of the wilderness.
  The sight that confronted us always make despair fill me. All the trees there had been cut down and removed. The place had been totally transformed into a horrible, twisted facsimile of what it had been. It isn't very big, about hundred square meters or so, but it was special. There was a small waterfall, a few rocks covered by moss and the growth, a downright magical place in a certain light and sunlight. Now, its ecological system had been ruined in just a few hours of vandalism.
  I have talked about this before, how people have no true appreciation for nature, for the wilderness, and don’t know what it is and how it works. My friend doesn't either. He didn't think it was such a big deal.
  - It’s prettier, now, he said, - without all that mess.
  He also thinks that a cleansed field on a farm or anywhere looks better than one filled with trees, with wild growth. His view is very typical in today’s society.
  People that don’t know better tell me that logging a forest is okay, that at least some of the companies doing it are replanting the area, which is yet another horrible ignorance. The new trees aren't even remotely the same trees that were cut down. The ecology of the area is ruined, and only the facsimile, the twisted, manmade copy remains.
  It isn't strange, isn't strange at all that humanity is destroying nature on the massive scale we see and have seen for so long. It’s merely a logical extension of what we are taught to appreciate, to prefer.
  The wilderness is only recreation, and hardly even that to modern humans.

  We are told repeatedly, directly and indirectly that civilization is good and nature is bad, and most of us firmly believe it. That’s all there is to it, really.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

23 nights

  From October 2 to 25 I didn't go anywhere, except into the wilderness not that far from my house, repeating a long-standing tradition of mine to occasionally isolate myself. I filled my fridge to the brim, making sure there is no need to forage in modern grocery stores for a long time. I don’t use any money and are, except through the Internet pretty much isolated from modern society. There are three main reasons for why I’m doing this: one is my need to save money, but I have done it when I have lots of money, too, because I want to experience nature without the distractions of a city life, and it’s very useful if I want to write more than I usually do, and connect even more to my deeper muse and nature.
  I started on another such sequence November 24, and I plan on staying on it the rest of the year. An added, beyond excellent bonus with this is that I will skip christmas shopping altogether, avoid all the insane consumer frenzy, the craziness of people buying tons of stuff they are fooled into believing they need to buy and also most of the giant christian hypocrisy.
  It’s peaceful and so inspiring to completely ignore any ticking of clocks, to be awake and sleep exactly when it suits me. I do everything at my pace and rhythm.
  As stated, I need the dynamic power of both social interaction and solitude to be inspired, but a month or so in solitude is fine. I spent eighteen months in virtual isolation once, where I just didn't have the money to take the bus to the nearest grocery store very often. That was too much, though I did an insane amount of writing during that time (500 000 words on the novels alone).

  Civilization is far away. I know it’s there, but I keep it at arm’s length and embrace the savage and the savage artist within even more than usual.

 In case you don't know: I write everything with christ in it with a small, tiny "c" and god with a small, tiny "g"...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About any given fairly good television series or film

  The story is okay, but it's not great, like it could and should be. It feels very much like they are doing it with their hands tied behind their back.
  And mind you, here we are talking about the top shelf currently available.
  Most movies or TV-series produced by mainstream media or production companies have more than a childish, immature taint ruining the story. They can be quite violent, but are still immature as hell.
  With a little funding and not that much either I or anyone with a strong desire to move beyond the mundane and censored storytelling dominating today could easily do better. We wouldn't even have to struggle that much.
  There are two forces in play here, two sides of the same coin, really. It’s capitalism/commercialism and that we are in truth living in a tyranny, a society where «unpleasant» thoughts and acts are generally avoided, censored and even persecuted, both because of general oppression and the dominant presence of religion.
  So, we mostly get flat, mainstream stories without much passion, variety and daring.
  When something today is called «good fun and innocent entertainment» or similar it usually isn't that at all, but on the contrary something very sinister, an inherent propaganda distracting us from what we should focus on.
  Why is the world filled with silly love songs, for instance? Those in charge want it that way.
  People are offended by anything these days, and that helps those in charge.

  I mostly get offended by people being offended.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another painfully obvious wrong question - about anarchism

  «But has there ever been a working anarchist society anywhere», a given eager clueless and ignorant supporter of today’s oppressive society «asks».

  Implicit in the «question» is that that person doesn't believe there is or has been. It isn't truly a question at all. The person stating it isn't curious, doesn't want the answer, but is happy to continue in the mire of the total ignorance his or her life has become. It’s a «debate» technique on his or her part, a proven successful effort in order to to silence the anarchist or any other radical in question.
  This short, woefully incomplete and slanted list at Wikipedia should convince you how utterly ridiculous your stance is. Yes, yours…
  A giant set of brainwashing techniques is used on all people today by an oppressive society, resulting in a sort of automatic «thinking»/response making most people defend their oppressors and the world they have created and is creating.
  The current local, national and global human society is certainly not working, but has long since become a disaster in progress.
  Anarchism and in particular green anarchism or primitivism is the last prevailing ideology. There have been quite a few such truly great societies during human history. They have mostly folded due to external pressure, not internal. The societies in current Spain previous to its civil war are valid examples. The rest of the world did anything it possibly could in order to end those.
  But as with many great things: the original truly just communities were those of the pre-agriculture nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes, where there was basically no hierarchy, and certainly no strongman leader, like the modern deception/propaganda claims.
  «The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.» Steve Biko

  Reading the articles revealed by clicking on the links is essential for further understanding.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Surveillance and those supporting it

  It doesn't matter whether or not surveillance on the bus, on the streets or anywhere «works», since the «cure», if anyone should happen to think there is a need for one is far worse than the «disease».
  One can always find a «good» argument in order to justify any oppression. It is so very important, even crucial to liberate oneself from the automatic thinking/response the oppressors have taught us. If one is in favor of surveillance, for instance one supports the oppressors, it is that simple.
  Surveillance, like many other things in today’s society isn't there «for our protection», as they claim, but for theirs.

  Only easily fooled and order-oriented people accept surveillance.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Everything now

  I have not liked and even occasionally downright disliked most of Christopher Nolan’s previous films. Inception and the Dark Knight trilogy were just plain awful.
  Interstellar, however, is clearly his best, by far and quite the engaging and also original movie. It isn't like I was jumping in joy when it ended, but I did enjoy it, and I was eventually also engaged in the story.
  Also due to the fact that I've taught myself complex storytelling and that I, in several of my novels also use the quirks of time as an important part, I realized not long after the issue was introduced that he was the ghost speaking to his daughter and to himself and that the he would eventually end up in the black hole mentioned fairly early in the movie. But me, a seasoned author guessing the plot doesn't make it predictable.
  There are weak, very weak points, among them early scenes with Matthew McConaughey with his daughter in the story, and Anne Hathaway and McConaughey together where it seems like they can’t act, which is clearly erroneous, and Nolan clearly must be blamed for and as if all the faults with his previous films are and will be repeated. It improves eventually though, and the last half hour after the near destruction of the space ship is a pleasure to experience.
  I like it. The pretty, shallow visuals from Inception are almost completely gone. This is something as rare as a gritty science fiction movie. The human factor dominates the story, doing so almost too much. The originality and the scope of it all, its epic feel makes it a far cry from the current typical empty-headed Hollywood trash.
  When directors have made quite a few commercial successes in a row in the Hollywood system, they are usually allowed to make a movie with less interference from a given studio, which often results in a far superior movie compared to those commercial successes. This is clearly the case here.
  Yes, the American flag at the end is annoying. So is also the stupendous claim that «love transcends time and space».