Wednesday, April 16, 2014


  It felt so good to cause an upheaval among my Twitter followers recently. There’s been way too long since the last time I did that.
  We are told to be so cautious in this civilization of ours, to put our emotions in boxes and compartmentalized spaces. When a person confesses to feel hatred and «negative» emotions it is supposed to be something wrong with that someone. Expressing powerful emotions is virtually considered an aggressive act in our times. In my opinion we, human beings express powerful emotions too rarely.
  I deliberately gave points to my enemies some time ago, expressing my hatred for those supporting Israel, for those with rivers of blood on their hands. Israel, in their Hasbara, their propaganda is very good at using that word, using it as a way of turning the table at its detractors. But I have never let such shit stop me from expressing my opinions. I do hate supporters of Israel, with a vengeance. It is well deserved, is beyond justified.
  Usually I don’t use that word either, I’m afraid. I use words like «contempt» and «disgust», devaluing humanity and every horrible act all the time. But not that long ago, after too much coffee, perhaps, I cracked and became even more blunt than usual. Anyway, as always, I stand by my words, gladly.
  As stated we are taught to be wary of strong emotions and certainly of publicly expressing them. It has been a long time since I cared about keeping my emotions compartmentalized. That ending brought the start of my ongoing and unending liberation.
  There are others also deserving of my hatred, like big polluters and their eager supporters, but Israel, by its very existence is such a visible insanity, such an affront to our very humanity that it pushes all my buttons. That there are other such entities and events as well doesn't keep that from being true. One injustice doesn't justify another.
  The situation in Palestine is black and white. Israel is the aggressor, the tyrant and has been all the time and Palestine is its victim. The two sides can’t in any way compete when it comes to cruelty. Zionism is institutionalized racism, hatred beyond reason. The Zionists demonstrate that constantly, every second of the day to an ever more disgusted global Jewish community and the world at large. Invaded and occupied Palestine has the right and duty to do anything to defend itself against such ongoing horrors.
  We hate too little, for the right reasons these wretched days and too much for the wrong. The wrong is racism, hatred for what is different, for the Foreigner. We should hate inhuman acts and people acting inhuman and fairly often give voice to our hatred.
  And in the final analysis be cautious, after all to not let our strong passions consume us. We will fight those destroying other people. We won’t become them.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Doubt disintegrated and gone

  "Antarctica and Greenland, the world's largest ice sheets, make up the vast majority of the Earth's ice. If these ice sheets melted entirely, sea level would rise by more than 70 meters".

Northern Europe with 100 meters sea rise

  Global average temperature has increased every decade since the fifties.
  The small doubt that was present concerning the validity of the human enhanced Global Warming, the human created Climate Change just isn't there anymore. If not for Big Oil and the billions they spent and spend on creating said doubt through several well paid researchers and facilities, it would have been gone from public consciousness long ago.
  Not only that, but the acceptance of the threat as rapidly increasing and practically imminent is breaking through, also in moderate and cautious surroundings like the IPCC. Very few, except the most power-loyal scientists, speak about the thousand-year or even the hundred-year scenario anymore. More and more reports are breaking through what was the impasse of denial and speak now about 2040 or even 2030 as the year when the shit really will hit the fan, not the end of the century. Hardly other than established media do that anymore. Scientists have finally started to speak candidly about their findings and are no longer afraid of being deemed «alarmists».
  The melting of the ice, the increase of stronger and more frequent storms is rapid and its threat is now, not in some far-fetched future.
  Then there is the early scenario caused by the rapid temperature rise, what will predate the later, truly major disasters.
  The WAIS (West Antarctic Ice Sheet) will break off from the mainland soon. Part of what has kept it in place is gone. Of the three Larsen ice shelves, A, B and C, A and B are gone. C is expected to go almost any day now. WAIS will follow very soon after that. That alone will make the sea rise about seven meters all over the world, and it will happen «over night», in just a few weeks tops. Eighty-four percent of the human population lives by the coast. Very few will manage to survive such an event, but it will still be the most massive migration in human history.
  I and others predicted in 2007 that the Arctic ice shelf would be gone during summer in 2013. We were not far off. It will be gone this year or next year or there will not be much left. This will not make the sea rise directly, but indirectly, because the sea is darker than the ice and will absorb more heat from sunshine it will make the sea warmer.
  The ice on Greenland is also melting fast, turning brittle, fading away quickly. That will result in seven meters more rise in sea levels.
  As «eternal» frozen ground melts, insane levels of methane are released from its confines, making the situation even more volatile.
  The temperature rise of two degrees is already in the system. Four degrees seem far more likely. If we reach six, there is a high likelihood that there will be runaway greenhouse effect that will at least double average global temperature to twelve degrees Celsius.
  The melting of all ice on Earth will result in a rise in sea level of between seventy (lowest estimate) and three hundred (highest estimate) meters.
  Western politicians and lead scientists, in a desperate attempt to keep the population docile claim that people in the north won’t feel the effects as much as those in the tropics, a statement which is just more bullshit, deception and lies, of course. An average global rise of only two degrees will lead to twelve in the polar regions. It’s actually there the effects will be the worst.
  In thirty years or less the process of acidification brought on by the warming will kill off all vertebras in the ocean, collapsing its ecosystem completely, and thereby cause the ecosystem on land to collapse as well.
  There you have it, guys. We've got thirty years or so… if we are lucky. For those in charge to do something? Not bloody likely. To prepare for personal survival? Definitely!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Not impressed - a non-acknowledgement

  I can’t say that I have never received aid during my forty years as an author. There are those that have helped and supported me, and I have already thanked them many times and will always be grateful to them.
  But I find myself shaking my head when a given writer in their «acknowledgment» give thanks their editors and agents and people from their publishers, all representatives for the established club making almost all books they release less interesting than a rock.
  Everything I've done, I've done myself, with very little help and support, and I’m confident that the result is far better than most mainstream publications.
  Though that in itself isn't that impressive in my eyes, really.
  I’m not impressed, no matter what mainstream stuff you present to me. I reject most of what is perceived as accepted truth, artistically, politically, scientifically and philosophically.
  Take virtually any «accomplishment» within the context of today’s oppressive society, and I treat it with the scorn it deserves.
  Discard accepted truths and your eyes will open to new and startling facts and experiences.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The joy of a man apart

  I’m not merely disagreeing with most present day people on most issues. I disagree with them on a fundamental level.
  Such a fact pleases me beyond anything, of course, since I don’t want to agree with today’s mainstream horrible opinions. It was in my early adulthood I finally managed to become true to myself and I have managed to stay that way, which is truly an immense achievement today, where practically all people sell out. It’s a great thing that I’ve succeeded in staying on the edge of a society hostile to human beings and life itself my entire adult life.
  Take any area, artistic, political and social, and it is clear that we currently exist in a very bad place of our own making. All the hypocrisy, propaganda and party speeches cannot hide that.

  See the bottom of the right column on this page to read more about my most important views.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The priest and his congregation

  The priest looked sternly at the few people gathered in the church. They huddled pretty much in a cluster below him. He towered above them. They had to raise their eyes and look up on him.
  - Sin is everywhere today, he began, using his most impressive voice.
  They didn't really react or anything, but just sat there, doing their duty as good Christians, listening half-heartedly at the voice of authority in their midst.
  - Like God the Lord tells us in Galatians five, nineteen to twenty-one: «When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these. Let me tell you again, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God»…
  He paused, studying the congregation with triumph in his eyes.
  - We are gathered here today to say NO to all that, to everything removing us from God. Hallelujah!
  - Hallelujah! The weak choir from the small number of people echoed his shout.
  The priest slowly turned red, as his performance picked up. Spittle flowed from his mouth.
  - We, the good humans will restore humanity in God’s holy service.
  He had them now. He felt it in every nerve-ending and neuron. It was almost a tangible thing, a certainty many years as God’s servant had granted him. He imagined that his next words resembled a roar and shook the church to its foundations.
  - So, go now and sin NO MORE

  It was late in the afternoon. The church had fallen silent, or so most people would claim. But he sensed the words from the sermon repeat themselves, felt them light his bones.
  Night had fallen. Very few people were out at this hour. He easily avoided the few that were. There was a road through the forest, no more than a trail, really that was hardly used at all, except by him.
  He approached a certain building with caution, glancing around him several times before crossing its small backyard. There was a staircase leading up to the second floor. There was no dust on these stairs, he knew that, even without looking. They were well used.
  But not tonight. Most working men slept at this hour, preparing themselves for tomorrow’s hard work, and most other customers chose the front door. This was a discreet enterprise, after all.
  He knocked on the door and didn't have long to wait before a light-clad woman opened it.
  - Good evening, Reverend, she greeted him softly.
  - Good evening, Lisa, he said briskly.
  - Ready to sin, Reverend, she wondered seductively, - ready for a lot to be regretted and repented?
  - Yes, by God, he replied hoarsely.
  - Little me is shivering in anticipation, she whispered her sweet words in both his ears.

  He walked inside and she closed the door behind them. The evening’s carnal delights were about to begin.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Say no

  I’m not proud of being born and bred Norwegian. There is no reason to be, really, no reason to be proud of being born in any given country. There is, on the contrary countless reasons to be totally pissed off at your particular country. The entire phrase «my country right or wrong» is abhorrent to me.
  Added to that is the fact that nationalism is one of the very worst inherently wrong ideas humanity has ever come up with, and that says a lot. The other main fuckup is religion. There is not really much need to say more about this (even though it should be repeated and expanded upon at any opportunity and I do that). Six thousand years of unending warfare, of intolerance and ignorance says it all. Humanity would be far better off, perhaps even great if not for those two insane pursuits.
  You should betray your country. Do so at every possible opportunity, in big and small ways, and you do yourself and humanity and all life on Earth a giant service.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Different (II)

  I’m not normal, not in any way. Nor do I desire to be. I’m proud to say that I’m so far removed from this current «human» society I possibly can be and still be a shameful part of it. I work day and night to undermine and destroy it. I want to help and contribute to humanity, not this destruction of it, this destruction of everything making life worth living.
  Most of the characters I write about are somewhat equal to that, in various ways, of course. Everybody enjoying my novels will know that beyond certainty.
  A friend of mine reacted strongly when I called him abnormal some years ago, acting like it was the worst kind of insult, even though he knew me and knew I was in truth praising him. That disappointed me and I told him so. He showed that he hasn't truly freed himself from conventions and conditioning, when he exposed himself as one accepting the twisted language and double speak of the oppressor.
  I wouldn't claim that I have completely freed myself either. That would be presumptuous, dishonest and self-deceiving. I’m afraid I will always be tainted by the normalcy in the society of my birth. I dislike that fact very much, but the truth is the truth. I can only keep working with myself to further improve myself, to further remove myself from the tyranny of mind and body and its rule as much as possible.
  Most people, buckling under the pressure of social conventions become more conservative the older they get, but I am happy to say that I become more radical with each passing day. I reject normalcy, reject acceptance with everything I am and I spit on its defenders.
  It feels good to know that, to be confident that I will always fight against normalcy and its tyranny, its casual acceptance of horrors beyond horrors. There is joy in rebellion, both because of the pure, desperate necessity of it and because you follow one of your most primal callings. Most people give up and give in even before they try, often long before they become half my current age. Experience has taught me that I never will!

  I want to live and die with a defiant cry on my lips, and never stop embracing the eternal fire within.